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Dear candidates!

First of all, assess your own professional skills, work experience and personal characteristics. If the level of your qualifications is high enough and you are interested in stable and well-payed job, Profy Kazakhstan recruitment company is waiting for you.

The spectrum of vacancies varies from entry level to top executive positions (most of the open vacant positions are for top and medium level managers).

To be registered, a candidate should come to an interview and provide a CV. You can enclose the documents which can, to your opinion, increase your chances, for example, recommendations from the previous employer or copies of certificates verifying additional education.

Our services are free of charge for candidates. Once accepted, your CV will not be limited in time and will always be on rotation. However, you should update your CV every half a year. If your contact information (phones, e-mail etc.) changed, please, inform us immediately.

We are using so-called trust approach working with our clients (employers as well as employees) and hope that the provided information is truthful and up-to-date. All information is treated confidentially, and we do not disclose any client's information to any third parties without prior consent of a client.

Dear candidates, we don't provide jobs, we provide a lot of job opportunities.

So you can make a choice!

Please register CV